An Investigation of the Effect of interrupted fin arrangements on the Thermal Performance of a Heat Sink under a Free Convection Condition

  • Abbas Jassem Jubear, dr Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering-University of Wasit
  • Ali Hameed Abd
Keywords: Heat sink, Heat transfer, free convection


The heat sink with vertically rectangular interrupted fins was investigated numerically in a natural convection field, with steady-state heat transfer. A numerical study has been conducted using ANSYS Fluent software (R16.1) in order to develop a 3-D numerical model.  The dimensions of the fins are (305 mm length, 100 mm width, 17 mm height, and 9.5 mm space between fins. The number of fins used on the surface is eight. In this study, the heat input was used as follows: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 watts. This study focused on interrupted rectangular fins with a different arrangement and angle of the fins. Results show that the addition of interruption in fins in various arrangements will improve the thermal performance of the heat sink, and through the results, a better interruption rate as an equation can be obtained.


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Jubear, A. J., & Abd, A. H. (2019). An Investigation of the Effect of interrupted fin arrangements on the Thermal Performance of a Heat Sink under a Free Convection Condition. Wasit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 7(1), 43-53.
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