Guidlines for Reviewers

Guidelines for Peer Reviewers

Dear reviewers,

Below are some important tips before you make a decision (i.e accept or decline) to an invitation to review: -

  • Accept the invitation only if it is match your expertise.
  • Accept only when you have a time for providing a standard quality of review.
  • When you do not accept an invitation to review, kindly comment why? and suggest some other reviewers.
  • Do the review confidentially and do not share it unless you have the editor permission.
  • Be aware of the standards recommended by the journal to accept papers for publishing.
  • The reviewing process is double blind process, so please do not give any personal information.

How to make a review

  • Kindly, provide a short paragraph containing the summary of the manuscript to show that you have understood the content of it.
  • Provide the editor with your impressions about the manuscript and does it add new contribution to the academic knowledge.
  • Reviewers should provide constructive comments and explain the reasons behind their decision. This is very essential to help the editor to make a final decision.