Performance Comparison between DPSK and OQPSK modulation approaches in multi environments channels with Matlab Simulink models

  • Fatima faydhe Al- Azzawi, Lect Institute of technology,Electronic technical department
  • Faeza Abas Abid, dr Institute of technology,Electronic technical department
  • Zainab faydhe Al-Azzawi, Assist Lect AL- Mansor university
Keywords: digital modulation, DPSK, Matlab Simulink


Phase shift keying modulation approaches are widely used in the communication industry. Differential phase shift keying (DPSK) and Offset Quadrature phase shift keying (OQPSK) schemes are chosen to be investigated is multi environment channels, where both systems are designed using MATLAB Simulink and tested. Cross talk and unity of signals generated from DPSK and OQPSK are examined using Cross-correlation and auto-correlation, respectively. In this research a proposed system included improvement in bit error rate (BER) of both systems in  the additive white Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel, by using the convolutional and block codes, by increasing the ratio of energy in the specular component to the energy in the diffuse component (k) and  the diversity order BER in the fading channels will be improved in both systems.    


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Al- Azzawi, F. faydhe, Abid, F. A., & Al-Azzawi, Z. faydhe. (2019). Performance Comparison between DPSK and OQPSK modulation approaches in multi environments channels with Matlab Simulink models. Wasit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 7(1), 30-39.
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