Smart Parking System Designed by using the Arduino for University park

  • Baraa I AL-Rikabi, Assist Lect Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Wasit University, Kut, Wasit, Iraq.
Keywords: Smart Park, Control System, microcontroller


Due to the rapidly increasing density of vehicles, especially during rush hours of the day, it is a difficult task for drivers (students and teachers) to find a parking space to park their vehicles. This article proposes a Smart Parking system that provides the best possible solution to the parking problem in the University. The purpose of the Smart Parking system is to solve the predefined problem. This system uses a simple microcontroller and an inexpensive sensors that is used to control and allow the user to either enter the park or not, depending on the available parking spaces. Thus, the user is not made to wait unnecessarily. The technology used in this system helps to reduce the cost and human effort.


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