An encryption by using DNA algorithm for hiding a compressed message in Image


  • Qusay Alsaffar Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Minister Office





Cryptography is a main item to generate confidence and empower services in the digital technology, while Steganography has vastly expanded in digital medias. Although developing these technologies hackers has established new methods to hack confidential information. To overcome these challenges, we proposed algorithm that encrypts a message by using DNA encryption algorithm, then multiply the output by a factor then compress the multiplying message by using GZIP algorithm, the last stage is hiding a compressed message in (LSB) image pixels. By using image measures such that PSNR, MSE, SSIM, NPCR, UACI and the ratio of data compression up to 75% where reduced the image difference, we obtained a good result when we combined these technologies. This work contributes to reducing the risk of information breach when sending and receiving confidential information between parties.


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