A Enhancement the Efficiency of Solar Cell by using Internet of Things Applications

Enhancement the Efficiency of Solar Cell by using Internet of Things Applications


  • Mohammed Hassan Mjhool Wasit
  • Haider Th. Salim AL Rikabi AL Rikabi
  • Mansour S. Farhan AL Rikabi




Solar cell, Detect and Identify Faults, Remote Monitoring, Firebase Platform IoT, ESP8266,


Monitoring and maintaining solar cells is one of the most fundamental problems facing investors in Iraq at present. In addition, the efficiency of solar cells is unacceptable because of climate changes. Monitoring solar photovoltaic power generation with the Internet of Things can significantly improve the PV panel's performance, monitoring, and maintenance. Large-scale solar photovoltaic installations are encouraged by falling renewable energy equipment costs due to progress technology. Most solar photovoltaic plants are located in remote areas and thus cannot be monitored from a single location; complex systems are needed to automate plant monitoring remotely using web-based interfaces. The implementation of a new cost-effective IoT-based methodology for remotely monitoring a solar photovoltaic plant is discussed in this paper to enhance its performance. Preventive maintenance, fault detection, historical PV panel analysis, and real-time monitoring can become more accessible than the classical methods.


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